1. TOBA administers and manages the American Graded Stakes Committee. By virtue of this responsibility, TOBA protects and preserves the integrity of the sales catalogue page and, thus the breed.

2. TOBA is a founding member of The National Thoroughbred Racing Association and holds a seat on the Board of Directors.

3. TOBA serves as a clearinghouse of industry information for owners and breeders, not only in North America, but worldwide. The office fields dozens of questions per week, and provides useful guidance and/or appropriate referrals.

4. TOBA administers and manages The Greatest Game LLC (www.thegreatestgame.com) and is the only national organization that coordinates new and prospective Thoroughbred owner educational programs, assisting the industry everywhere in recruiting and training new owners.

5. TOBA supports and is an influential voice in The American Horse Council. TOBA serves as a unifying voice for the interests of owners and breeders on national and international racing and breeding issues. It provides effective representation of those interests before regulatory and legislative bodies, as well as among other industry professionals and institutions.

6. TOBA serves as a communication network with its members throughout the world on issues and projects of vital significance to the industry. Through TOBA newsletters, e-mail and other correspondence, members are kept apprised of issues affecting their interests.

7. TOBA is working diligently to assist and inform state horsemen’s organizations so as to strengthen them in their ability to negotiate contracts with racetracks, and with regard to legislation pending in the individual states. TOBA maintains a 34-state breeders/horsemen’s association communications network to facilitate in this effort.

8. Through TOBA’s International Equine Health Committee, it monitors the outbreak and/or transmission of equine diseases throughout the world. Accordingly, it maintains excellent relationships with the USDA in Washington and with other breeders’ organizations around the world.

9. TOBA spearheaded the development of the Horse Industry Economic Impact Study, in order to identify and quantify domestic equine activity. The objective of this ongoing effort is to improve the effectiveness of national and state racing and breeding associations in both the legislative and regulatory processes.

10. TOBA provides various members’ benefits including, a subscription to The Blood-Horse and its two annual supplements, free clubhouse admission to most North American racetracks, discounts on ExclusivelyEquine.com, The Wall Street Journal, hotels and more.

11. TOBA continues to pursue federal legislation and/or other innovative plans, which would fund the national promotion and marketing of the Thoroughbred.

12. TOBA has created promotional projects such as Claiming Crown and America’s Day at the Races.

13. TOBA hosts the annual National Awards Dinner, recognizing the efforts of our colleagues around the country to breed and own quality Thoroughbreds.

14. TOBA works cooperatively with other industry institutions, including The Jockey Club, the Association of Racing Commissioners International, the National Thoroughbred Racing Association, American Horse Council, and others on various programs and projects critical to racing’s future.

15. TOBA represents the United States on the International Breeders’ Secretariat, a forum that includes seventeen racing and breeding countries, which meet annually to discuss issues of global significance to the industry.

16. TOBA serves as a sponsor and the coordinator of the Horsemen’s Alliance and Horsemen’s Forum, efforts to unite the various owners’, breeders’, and horsemen’s organizations around the country on issues of integrity and medication standards.

17. TOBA supports the National Racing Compact.

18. TOBA is the publisher of The Blood-Horse magazine.

Contributed By: Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association