selle francaisThe Selle Francais is the epitome of what a sport horse should be, athletic, strong, good bone and muscle, intelligent with a tractable disposition. Primarily known for its excellence in show jumping, the versatile Selle Francais also excels in dressage and eventing.

Through an intensive and aggressive breeding program, the French have, over the past several decades, created this extraordinary breed by selectively crossing their sturdy native horses with Thoroughbred stallions. Judicious introduction of the French AngloArab and French Trotter has added brilliance, agility and energy to the breed.

The North American Selle Francais Horse Association, Inc. (NASFHA) was authorized in early 1990 by the French National Stud to register Selle Francais and other French breed horses born in North America. Additionally, NASFRA facilitates an annual inspection of breeding stallions, provides information to promote the breed to the general public, and assists breeders with specific pedigree information.

Contributed By: Oklahoma State University