Utility Stall, Wash Stall
A space the same size as a stall used for a variety of purposes, clipping, grooming, shoeing, washing, and for medical treatment.

Sick Box
At least one sick stall is recommended to accommodate a horse with a infectious disease requiring isolation, or for a horse requiring quiet specialized treatment. The Sick stall is best located away from the stables but convenient for the care giver. Where possible locate the stall within view of the other horses. The stall should be approx. 50% larger than the stalls and the structure should be able to support a sling attachment.

Feed Room
This room is intended to house the feed for daily use and should be located as close to the stalls as possible. Provide separate bins for each type of feed, a sink with hot and cold water, and a bucket filling tap. Allow for wall racks for storage. All feed and grain storage bins are lined with galvanized steel for vermin control.

Feed and Hay Storage
Should be directly accessible from the feed room. The requirements for this room will depend on the size of the facility and the frequency of the delivery of feed and hay. If hay nets are to be used space in this area should be provided for filling them otherwise hay will be taken directly to the stalls.

Bedding Storage
A variety of materials may be used, many are individual to certain parts of the country. The requirements for there storage are a well ventilated dry area or building. All hay and bedding should be stored in a separate dry barn to minimize fire risk.

Tack Rooms
This area should be located directly accessible to the stalls, and in large facilities divided into more than one room. The exact size and arrangement will depend on the number of horses being served by each room and the purposes for which those horses are being used. Alternatives for the arrangement of this room are to locate the tack for each horse together, or to separate saddles, bridles, girths, etc. The room must be large enough to accommodate tack trunks, storage of blankets, sheets, and other accessories. This room usually accommodates a medicine cabinet.

Washing and Cleaning
As a accessory of the tack room a space directly accessible from the stable yard is desirable. In this arrangement dirty tack can be taken directly into it without passing through the tack room. Provide a large deep utility sinks with hot and cold water, and washing and drying blankets sheets and other accessories. Provide saddle horses, and bridle holders with adequate clear area to allow cleaning purposes. provide storage for cleaning supplies.

Manure Disposal
The storage of manure must be positioned well away from the stalls, but must have easy direct access to them, and must be located adjacent to a road to facilitate easy collection.

Large establishments and riding schools will require an office for the barn manager. The space must accommodate a desk, chairs, filing cabinets and storage of supplies provide area for a personal computer with a dedicated phone line. The telephone system should be fitted with an external bell or extensions. The office should be located to provide supervision over the stable yard the delivery of goods, and the arrival of riders.

Fences and Gates
There have been many new developments in fencing ranging from vinyl, to recycled rubber. The type best suited depends on specific set of circumstances, but all types need to be of stout construction.
Accommodations for Trailers
Provide adequate space for turning, lowering ramps on both sides and rear, and for the loading and unloading of horses. Horses should be brought up ramps in a straight line, plenty of space should be provided to ensure this, but also deal with difficult horses.

Brood mares and stallions require brighter light and lighting programs to keep fertility levels maximized.

Foaling stall heat: controllable to raise the temperature as quickly as possible to 75d minimum and to maintain it.

Foaling stall floor: seamless, rubberized material, textured, and pitched to a separate drain and catch basin (not connected to main barn drainage) Rubberized flooring turned up the walls. Foaling stall adjoined by the sit-up room (also heated) with a one-way unbreakable glass panel and or slide shutter for the groom to observe.

Contributed By: Tom Croce